Brokerage Services


Different from yesterday's forgiving market, today we believe it is critical to focus on what we know best.  While we have extensive experience in a wide range of commercial real estate there are many areas we have never touched.  We will stay with what we know.

Small CAP Retail

Neighborhood shopping centers, strip retail, single tenant JR anchor retail and urban retail infill projects have been a staple of our business for many years.  We understand the entire process from site selection, design, budgeting, construction, entitlement, financing, leasing and disposal.  This knowledge allows us to analyze the challenges and create viable solutions to brokerage issues around these retail categories.

Medical Office / Professional Office Buildings

We actually transitioned into the real estate development business from consulting in the medical and dental practice field.  Not only did we problem solve practice management issues, we worked many practice startups and brokered many medical and dental practices.  It was from this activity we developed our first real estate project in 1978, a 15,000 SF medical office building in which some of the tenants are still occupants today.  Our understanding of the tenant in medical/dental buildings has been an important factor to our success in this real estate category.


We have participated on the ownership side in an ice cream shop, Red Robin and a full service resort dinner house.  As developers we have built more than 30 restaurant tenants that range from neighborhood teriyaki restaurants to full service urban dinner houses that have competed for top billing in their market place.  Our extensive experience in all phases of this category of real estate is important to the service we provide.

Small CAP Small Tenant Office Buildings

From our medical office roots we have built, managed, owned, leased and sold many projects focused on small office users.  Marketing high cost space to very frugal tenants is always the challenge.  In today's distressed market there are many opportunities to test skills in solving real world problems.

Marina and Waterfront Mixed Use

This is a market that few in the private sector have dared to navigate.  In today's environment, these projects present a range of problems that demand very complex resolution abilities.  Most privately held commercial waterfront property has zoning that requires water dependent use and costs that demand high rent paying entertainment users.  We have learned most of our lessons in this category from projects we attempted to develop and failed to solve all the development challenges.  Realistic problem solving in all phases of these projects is critical. Today's market creates a new set of challenges for these projects. Port Authorities are the most prolific waterfront developers in the United States; aside from them it is a very short list of people who have succeeded on multiple developments.