Distressed Property

Complete Financial Asset Analysis/Valuation

Many financial questions need to be answered in a real property asset today to get to an accurate valuation.  Cash flow analysis needs to focus not only on the current income but the likelihood of a leasee's condition and the likelihood of re-trading rents.  Honest assessments of time lines for lease up, the real cost of today's lease up and a "street wise" assessment of what the new lease rates are likely to be.  All commercial real estate today has to deal with re-margined values.  Cap rates today are seemingly very arbitrary and confusing.  Without honest, complete and accurate financial analysis, quality decision making is impossible.  In this turbulent market place, our experience in all aspects of the "insides" of a commercial asset enables us to not only do an accurate all encompassing financial analysis but to also use that information to reach quality valuations for both current and valuation trends.  This information is needed in today's market, for single asset and portfolios of commercial real estate, to create good decisions on both current and future strategies for profit maximization.