Office Properties

600 Broadway

My roots are medical office buildings. We acquired this property across the street from Seattle’s largest hospital, Swedish Hospital and Medical Center.  Our budget was to build about a 30,000 SF building on this triangular sloping site. As we progressed through the design phase with the city we kept finding ways to expand our concept.

Because of the sloping site we were able to expand our underground parking using the streets as access versus internal ramps. Both Swedish Hospital across the arterial to the west and the Northwest Kidney Center to the north wanted us to connect to a Swedish Campus underground tunnel system which greatly improved our connectivity to the total medical community.  The city permitted bonus height allowances for some of our design ideas and most importantly demand was greater than anticipated. We found ourselves with a very viable 125,000 SF project at the front end of the S&L Crisis.  We quickly sold the project fully entitled to a joint venture, which included some of our key tenants, thus providing adequate capital for the reality of that financial market.