Waterfront Properties

South Lake Union

As we began our first project on South Lake Union, H.C. Henry Pier, we had no idea we would spend seven exciting years on South Lake Union with this and two contiguous projects. Henry Pier was the first commercial shoreline permit issued in Seattle in over a decade due to a new state shoreline code. The battle of South Lake Union focused on the issues of a “working water front” versus “Gentrification”; an issue deeply rooted amongst the people of the city. We actually acquired the property from the  Henry Family Trust; a pioneer Seattle family worn out over the ten year controversy.

As Henry Pier’s construction came to its final stages, Lonestar Cement Co., the owner of the cement plant next to us, inquired of our interest in purchasing their property.  Our acquisition and subsequent development of the site brought the addition of more new restaurants, retail and marina traffic in what is known today as Chandler’s Cove. 

After the completion of Chandler's Cove, the owners of the adjacent St. Vincent DePaul site subsequently inquired of our interest to enter into a long term ground lease for re-development of their property. Our South Lake Union redevelopment was complete with the addition of that project known today as Yale Street Landing.  Our three waterfront developments were joined by pedestrian walkways, which provided 100% ADA compliant public access to the waterfront and marked the beginning of the "gentrification" of Lake Union, paving the way for future development as is apparent today.