Waterfront Properties

Chandler's Cove

Chandler’s Cove was the centerpiece of the three contiguous projects we developed on South Lake Union. The state's shoreline codes required  view corridors, pedestrian access to the water’s edge and water dependant uses. The city required low density, a children’s play area, tour boat moorage; all with limited parking. These were all experimental concepts at the time which created a cost burden to the project; all costs which were considered extraordinary. This was not a public/private development; the budget was all ours.

The site had always been an important site for Seattle. Today it is hard to believe that for the previous 50 plus years this site was home to the cement plant that built downtown Seattle. Many today would credit this project with the re-creation of South Lake Union and the adjoining Cascade District. As the “tipping point” of rebirth, Chandler's Cove brought the additions of the Marriott Residence Inn, Whole Foods, the relocation of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Zymo Genetics and now Amazon.com, to name just a few of the new names in the neighborhood.

My special thanks to William Justin and Paul Allen for their continued efforts in finishing and adding to the vision.  South Lake Union is a destination enjoyed by residents and tourists alike.