Brokerage Services

Investment Property

Investor Representation

We have over 30 years experience of investor acquisitions and dispositions. Each opportunity is based on a custom strategy.  No matter what aspect of an investment opportunity we are working; lease structuring or development pre-sale strategies for portfolio/single assets assignments; we pride ourselves on innovative solutions.

Due Diligence

In today's uncertain market, defining a properties' character;  its tenants, neighborhood market, market trends, jurisdictional compliance, physical components and maintenance of the property,  are just a few of the characteristics that need careful analysis. Uncertainty today in these factors is critical in establishing sale pricing or acquisition value.  We carefully and diligently focus on each assignment.

Valuation Analysis

Capitalizing on our real market experience and focusing on markets and property types we know, enables us to match our clients' objective whether it is a "street level opinion" or an MAI appraisal with accurate valuations.

Financial Feasibility

Matching a client's needs with the financial opportunities in the market is essential for long term success.  Our extensive knowledge of active vendors;  community banks, national banks, insurance companies, mezzanine lenders, equity participants, asset lenders and rescue capital; we will focus on working and finding the best solution for your needs.  Our resources are not in-house mortgage brokers but rather independent brokers and lenders that we feel can best serve our clients' needs.  Once a decision is agreed upon we will manage the process to conclusion.


Our philosophy of negotiation is based on preparation and communication.  Thorough knowledge of client needs, of the asset in question, market conditions and trends, financing objectives and the needs of the sellers on the other side are just some of the factors to be prepared with in beginning a negotiation. Once a negotiation is begun, communication needs to be constant if a satisfactory solution is to be reached.

Transaction Management

The goal of transaction management is to successfully close the real estate transaction.  The key is to simply manage all aspects of the process logically and professionally.  Create a manageable schedule, solve problems as they occur, know the critical issues and find solutions, work with quality people who all know "it is not over until it is over." Our goal is to pay attention to the whole process, stay focused and finish.  Remarkably it sounds like a team sport.