Retail Properties

Duvall Retail Center

A 12,000 SF small shop retail center in a newly incorporated city. This project was the product of a new city staff working with a new code. The long-term residents of Duvall must have felt they progressed from a rural to a gentrified community at somewhere near the speed of light.

We faced numerous code challenges in the development of this site. The city required us to build a “pedestrian” oriented center, albeit there were no pedestrians nor pedestrian connections within a mile of this rural site. Retail entries were required to face the street to accommodate pedestrian connections and parking was required in the rear of the buildings. Other design/budget challenges we needed to solve on this site were building modulations, varied roof planes and no permitted drive thru’s on the main street. While I fought the process I believe future generations will like the product. An interesting sidebar; we paid $700,000+ for city mitigation fees which equaled more than the land cost.